Meet the Farm Wife

Hello there!

          My name is Jenny Meyer and I am the owner of Farm Wife Threads.  My husband, Kevin and I live on the family farm raising corn, soybeans, wheat and the most important crop - our 4 sons. 

          Farm Wife Threads began in March of 2018 with an idea of selling women's clothing that was unique, classic and comfortable.  I felt like there wasn't a store close that provided something different, something you could wear to your daytime job, onto date night or even to family outings.  From the beginning, I've tried using my own style and incorporating things that can be worn time and time again while being personalized by each individual who wears them. 

           Folks have asked me, "what does a farm wife wear" or "can I shop here if I'm not a farm wife"?  The name, Farm Wife Threads came easy to me as I believe that a farm wife is someone who takes on adversity while wearing many hats.  I wasn't raised on a grain farm and have enjoyed learning many of the daily operations including running equipment, following the weather and making sure I learn hand signals when it comes to backing up a trailer.  So to answer your question, "what does a farm wife wear".  Anything that she feels comfortable in while wearing all the hats. 

          Thank you so much for being here and thank you for shopping small!